What is Low Acid Coffee

What is Low Acid Coffee?

Coffee is naturally acidic. However, the level of acidity depends on the brewing method, the type of coffee beans, and the roasting degree. The darker the roast, the less acidic.

Balancing flavor with a reduction in acid content is key because low acid coffee typically lacks flavor.

Who should drink Low Acid Coffee?

Anyone who experiences discomfort while drinking coffee. For example, some people with Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) or Interstitial Cystitis (IC) cannot drink acidic drinks yet still want to enjoy the delicious taste of coffee.

What are the best brands of Low Acid Coffee?

There are many brands of low acid coffee, some of them lack flavor, and some are actually very rich in flavor. Here are some of our favorites:

Also, if you’re pregnant, nursing, or expecting to be pregnant in the near future, then drinking coffee that is low in acid is recommended. In this case, you may also want to consider a decaf brand or one with reduced caffeine, as well.

Where can I buy Low Acid Coffee?

You can buy low acid coffee at most grocery stores and supermarkets, but since there is no guarantee that you’ll find the brand you’re looking for, I usually prefer Amazon.com as they have a large selection, discounted prices, and quick, reliable shipping. Also, if you are a prime member, you get free 2-day shipping on everything. If you’re not already a member, sign up for a 30 day free trial of Amazon Prime

How to reduce acidity in Coffee?

Add Milk to your Coffee: Calcium offsets Acidity. Adding milk to your coffee will lower the raise PH balance and make it less acidic and easier to digest (assuming you have no allergies to lactose).

Cold Brew Method: By using a cold brew method such as the Toddy Cold Brew System, the acidic oils aren’t sucked into the coffee as they are with a traditional hot brewing method, reducing acid content by around 67%.