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Hevla Coffee

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If you’re into low acid coffee, you probably know who sits at number one on all the search engines under the search “low acid coffee”….that’s right Hevla Coffee Company.

Hevla Coffee is a low acid coffee company founded in 2004. Here are some of the benefits of Hevla low acid coffee…

Hevla low acid coffee is delicious, robust and full-bodied coffee but will not give you heartburn, acid reflux, or stomach problems.

According to Hevla coffee, doctors recommend their low acid coffee to people who are suffering from heartburn, indigestion, GERD and other stomach related problems because the beans used in Hevla coffee are exclusively 100% Arabica (specially grown in Guatemala and roasted to absolute perfection) and of the highest quality within that already superior classification. No other ingredients are added (except for the flavored coffee); instead, several irritants are eliminated during the roasting process which produces a delicious, low acid coffee.

Hevla coffee is very simple to make. First, the beans being used to roast Hevla coffee undergo a unique purification process developed in Europe. The beans, while in the green state, are treated with a high-pressure steam and vacuum procedure to reduce the irritants in the coffee beans before they are roasted. It reduces irritants formed during coffee roasting and thus reduces the acid-content. The best part is that it’s an all-natural process that no chemicals are involved.

Although they don’t make any special claims as to how much lower the acid content of Hevla coffee is, a large portion of irritants are reduced after the beans undergo an all natural high pressure steaming process. One thing they can claims with certainty that thousands of customers who previously could not drink regular coffee enjoy Hevla coffee daily without any problem.

Last but not least, storing coffee and keeping it fresh is one of the most underrated aspects of enjoying a truly great cup of coffee. Hevla Coffee offers airtight, zipper-lock coffee storage bags that will keep your coffee fresh for 6-9 month inside the packaging. All storage units are re-useable.

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