Low Acid Coffee for Pregnant Women

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Are you pregnant, trying to conceive or breastfeeding but miss your morning cup of coffee?

Have you heard drinking coffee may be bad while pregnant or do you want to be sure that it’s ok to drink caffeine? Well, you’re in luck!

How much caffeine is safe during pregnancy?

Although it’s generally agreed upon that caffeine is perceived to be safe in low quantities, if you’d like to stay on the safe side but still enjoy the taste of coffee, then you can choose a decaffeinated blend that is low in acid, but you’ll also want to get a brand that is void of any chemicals that can sometimes be used in the brewing process in order to keep you and your baby healthy.

Brands of Low Acid Coffee Safe During Pregnancy

The coffee that I recommend is Mommee Coffee, as it’s gourmet, low in acid, and also free from chemicals. It comes in 4 varieties, each with varying caffeine content depending on your preferences.

You can choose from decaffeinated, quarter-caffeine, half-caffeine, or full caffeine. You can also choose from full bean, or ground. This is a brand of coffee that is made especially for expecting mothers and Amazon has it on sale right now at a great price. If you’re a prime member, you’ll have it at your door in 2 days.

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